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Today, after attending our favorite Thursday morning activity – a music and motion class


Little Mister Arts Council “OOOOOhhed” over Emily Lightsey’s “A Travelling Trunk”

for little bitty folks, taught by the fabulous Cindy Meguiar – Little Mister Arts Council finally visited the 2016 Spring Art & Handcrafts Show at First National Bank. He enjoyed viewing the art, specifically Emily Lightsey’s acrylic painting of an elephant titled “A Travelling Trunk”(which won a 4th place ribbon in the Adult Acrylic/Watercolor Division) and Eunice Martin’s oil painting titled “Fernandina Beach Walk” (which won a 3rd place ribbon in the Adult Oil Painting Division). It turns out that he’s a big fan of animals and sand, even in his taste in art! To be fair – he’s a typical toddler – and his favorite piece was the beautiful bowl of lollipops he spotted on a desk….



Admiring the dunes in Eunice Martin’s beach scene

All the items entered into this season’s show were exceptional! If you haven’t stopped in to admire this display of local talent you still have one more day. The show ends tomorrow (Friday, April 29) at 4:00 PM. Please check it out if you are able!

Judges Joy Connelley, Cristen Floyd and Phil Warren presented the following winners with ribbons:

Sixth-Eighth Grade Division: Acrylic painting: First-


“Swamp” Kseniia Pohodina

“Swamp” Kseniia Pohodina, Second- “Lighthouse” Kseniia Pohodina, Third- “Seaside” Kseniia Pohodina.


Adult Division:

Oil Painting: First- “Tribute” David Cheney, Second- “Darien Angel” Judy Johnson & “Master the Tempest is Raging” Eunice Martin, Third- “Fernandina Beach” Eunice Martin, Fourth- “Amelia Island Lighthouse” Eunice Martin.

Acrylic or Watercolor: First – “If One Can, Two Can” Emily Lightsey, Second- “The Rice Fields” Judy Johnson, Third- “Smokey Bear” Nadiia Cheney, Fourth- “A Travelling Trunk”


“Tribute” David Cheney

Emily Lightsey.


Photography: First- “Yellowstone Geyser” Bedell Mayers, Second- “Montana Cowboy” and “Iris” Bedell Mayers.

Woodworking: First- “Jewelry Box” Henry Dasher, Second- “Covered Bowl” Henry Dasher, Third- “Covered Walnut Bowl” Henry Dasher

Stitchery, Quilts: First- “Seashell Treasures” Margie Clotfelter, Second- “Spring All Around” Debra Johnson, Third- “Nosey Goose” Nancy T. Gardner, Fourth- “Pillowcase” Genene Murphy.

Knitting & Crochet: First- “Rag Rug” Barbara Baker, Second-


“If One Can, Two Can” Emily Lightsey

“Crocheted Baby Blanket” Debra Youmans, Third- “Carseat Blanket” Barbara Baker, Fourth- “Crocheted Scarf” Nellie Fields.


Folk Art: First- “Cheese Box” Nancy Gardner.

Many thanks to the talented artists for submitting their work and to FNB South for allowing the Arts Council of Appling County to display the art show in their beautiful lobby!

Some more exciting news has come from this excellent show! Barbara Baker has agreed to offer a 4-6 week class to those interested in creating a beautiful rag run like her prize winning one pictured below! We are thrilled to add this exciting class to the 2016-2017 Season! More details are to come on this VERY SOON!

Storytelling May5 Eddings Enterprise


“Yellow Stone Geyser” Bedell Mayers







A LITTLE PLUG as we segway to the end of this post: Friends, don’t forget about next


“Jewelry Box” Henry Dasher

week’s FIRST Storytelling Event at The Caroline Miller House in Baxley. Mary Ann Ellis will lead the group in the telling of her own favorite family story. Participants are invited to share their own stories throughout the evening. The event is FREE and all are invited to participate. Sweet corn bread and tea will be available for purchase (all proceeds go to help with the costs of ACAC events).


When Little Mister Arts Council wakes up from his nap we are going to head out to grab some supper then the Appling County High School’s “Baxley Bandstand!” I understand that we are in for a treat when we attend this annual event. We can’t wait to groove to the tunes of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s! I know we will love it. If you are looking for something to do on


“Seashell Treasures” Margie Clotfelter

this Thursday evening, come support great Appling County talent and art at the ACHS Fine Arts Center. Show begins at 6:30 PM. Adult tickets are $10 at the door, students are $5.



If you look about – there is ALWAYS some event, show, display, reading, natural beauty, you-name-it happening in and around Appling County that truly accentuates the arts in many forms. You do not have to look too hard to find something! I hope y’all always have your eyes open and are always inspired by #applingarts! But if you need a little aid in



discovering what I am talking about, The Arts Council of Appling County is here to help! The ACAC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to encourage and stimulate the practice and appreciation of all of the arts by supporting the equality of all individuals to share in creative expression. We depend on membership and sponsorship from community members, just like you, to fulfill our mission. ACAC presents various cultural performances and experiences that enhance the artistic personality of our community in a way that celebrates uniqueness, diversity and unity. We believe we’re succeeding! Join us to see!


“Cheese Box” Nancy Gardner