Cruising for Murder: Mystery Dinner Theater

In prep for our upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner I have been reading up on all the fun that can be incorporated in to theses events. I must say, I am very much looking forward to this event. Tickets are on sale now, limit 20 passengers a night on board our “mystery cruise”.

Dinner, and solving this murder will be the highlights of the evening. Fun with your date, friend, sister, cousin is just a bonus!

Won’t you join us?

Parts range from small to large and will be given out as tickets are purchased. Costumes encouraged. This will be a night you won’t soon forget!

A little more information:

Check your baggage and set sail for a sinuous night of secrets, scandals and seafaring scoundrels. TICKETS ON SALE  HERE:
Two nights to attend (limit 20) Thursday, February 23 OR Friday, February 24
Little White House (Old Exchange Club)
-behind Farmer’s Home Furniture, Fair Street, Baxley
$35.00 Per Person includes a wonderful dinner and your very own part in a murder mystery on the high seas!

After a luxurious week at sea, all those onboard the Mystery of the Seas are ready for a night of romance and intrigue at the Captain’s Cocktail Reception–an extravagant affair to top all others.Adrift on the ocean, there is no better place to escape your troubles… or for a murder to strike.Could the killer be the commanding captain who has found his personal life out of control? A seething spouse who has discovered the dastardly deception of their darlin? Or possibly a conniving contestant who will do anything to be crowned ambassadress by the cruise line? Trapped at sea, no one is safe and everyone is a suspect. As secerts are revealed, everyone’s innocence will come into question as the assassin tries to appear angelic. Sharpen your sleuthing skills, for that’s what you will have to rely on to call out the killer!

You won’t want to miss this fun event! There will be dinner, collusion and an excellent opportunity to use your own theater skills – rolls can be big or small, depending on your preference.

For more information or to reserve your spot,
contact us at 912-278-2772 or